Very friendly and open-minded whales, these often approach boats to see what you are all doing. They tend to enjoy breaching and lobtailing especially, but they usually ride along the shallow waters and show off a little. Far from being shy, the grey whale species is usually very open to hopping around and causing a bit of a ruckus in the water!

They are usually very gentle creatures, but those who are foolish enough to hunt a grey whale will meet their maker. These are strong, fast and intelligent creatures who could easily deal with a hunting boat!

As a species known for taking on some of the longest and most diverse migrations possible, they are creatures that are well worth your time and respect. They have, sadly, lost two of their three species over the years and while only one remains, work is ongoing constantly to try and give the creatures extra protection from environmental damage and other issues that could harm their population.

For more help in understanding and better appreciating the rich beauty and style of these amazing creatures, be sure to come and visit the grey whales of Cabo San Lucas on one of our excellent whale watching tours!