Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours is a family-owned tour firm that looks to help people come to the most wonderful part of Mexico and take in the beauty and glamour that awaits with ease. With tours and various events put together to ensure you can enjoy everything from the local marine life to a sunset experience, we do everything that we can to make your experience here as memorable and as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

You will ride a comfortable boat, Super Panga, which is the boat we have used for some time to help facilitate any and all events that our guests wish to undertake. It’s a boat that has taken us on many unique adventures, and it can easily do the same for you this whale watching season, too!

Our captain works alongside all our family members to operate the boat and make sure all passengers can enjoy the most tremendous experience. Using our high quality knowledge of the seas along with our strong penchant for customer care and making you feel comfortable, we can make sure every part of the event is as enjoyable as it possibly can be for you.

With a clear focus on adventure and excitement, we work to help make sure that you can enjoy professional expertise without ever feeling uncomfortable during the journey. Our aim is simple; to make sure you can have a fun and exciting time while feeling total trust in the Captain. You can only feel safe at sea when you trust the people you are with, so do everything we can to make sure everyone can feel secure and comfortable on-board.

If you are seeking excitement and adventure on the Los Cabos coastline, then this is almost certainly the place for you to start. Come and enjoy a unique adventure; one that is staffed by maritime professionals who know how to keep you safe and smiling all the way through!

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll do all that we can to handle your queries and make sure you can set off to see in total confidence.

The results of the world beyond land are truly breath-taking, so let us help you see just what waits beyond mainland Mexico!