The Humpback whales are spectacular creatures; they are one of the most encountered whales by man, this gives us a unique opportunity to observe these amazing creatures closely. The Humpback whale watching spots are all along the Baja Coastline but the best place is in Cabo San Lucas port with Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours.

Humpback whales are friendly

Whale watching is a mind-blowing experience; it is all about giving you a firsthand experience –at the front roll- while you watch and observe these whales in their natural habitat. Whale watching has become very popular over the years; we are happy to be a company that offers you the unique opportunity to watch the whales live. Trust us; it is a very different experience from what you see on the television. So what should you expect from a whale watching experience?

A common natural behavior of the Humpback whale is migration; this whale population can cover a distance of over 20,000 km every year, this very long trip ends in different coastal regions in Baja peninsula where they can be watched during the time they are here. Welcome to the Humpback whale watching season!

Watch the calves put up a playful performance.

Currently, Humpback whales are usually encountered in the Pacific Ocean; this is the region where most of those whales remain but sometimes we get to see them on the Sea of Cortez where you will have an amazing whale watching experience on either side. Every winter, Cabo San Lucas welcomes tourists, researchers, and curious visitors to have a great time watching the whales that migrate here during the winter. You will observe the mating behavior of whales, and we will be delighted to show you the close bond that is formed and maintained between the female Humpback whales and their calves. These two usually put up a spectacular show for the viewers every season, an event you will be thrilled to witness in person.

Female Humpback whales take good care of their infants.

Watching the female whales and their infants is an event many whale watchers anticipate every year. You will be amazed at how skillfully the mother encourages the infant to swim against the current; they also ride the waves- a fascinating event you will love to catch on camera- many times during the day. This training goes on all through the period they are close the coastline so there is no way you will miss it. The infant will soon be among the population, so it needs to develop adequate survival skills, especially for the migration period ahead.

Start planning your whale watching adventure now.

It is unfortunate to note that the whales are struggling to survive against many odds such as inadequate food, pollution in their natural habitat caused by humans; whale hunting which is still a common practice in many places, the whale population is declining. But we are happy to have still the whales visit us regularly in the coastal regions. Many tourists come on the tour we offer to enjoy this experience now because the survival of the whale population is not very certain except something serious is done to reduce the risks whales face.

Contact us today; we will include you and your crew on the next whale watching tour we have scheduled for this season. Humpback whales are entertaining too. You will have a wonderful time watching the whales spy hopping and lob tailing in spectacular displays.