Welcome to Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours! We are a company dedicated to putting together the most extensive and enjoyable whale watching tours for people coming to Cabo San Lucas. During whale watching season, thousands of creatures come along to see the area and make sure that they can enjoy their time here.

Starting in December and lasting until mid of April, whale watching season is one of the most amazing experiences that you can enjoy and is sure to be a primary reason for you to make the trip to come and join us on the waves!

Undertake a Life-changing Whale Watching Experience!

With our service, you will get to enjoy a truly exceptional whale watching experience. We are dedicated to helping you make the most of every minute that you spend here, vastly improving your overall confidence and comfort.

  • We use various styles of boats to ensure that you never need to feel uncertain. Every boat is manned by a captain that you can trust and makes it easier than ever for you to see the rich and lasting beauty of the whale without any issues. It’s the perfect way to truly enjoy and appreciate the deep, lasting beauty of a creature of this size.
  • Carrying out numerous departures and services, we make sure that you can find a spot for yourself to come and enjoy this amazing experience at any time you feel comfortable. Fear not, we’ll make sure you can feel as easy as possible when you hop onto the boat and enjoy a truly life-changing as you see some of nature’s most amazing creatures up-close and personal.
  • With groups of around 10, we can take you out as a larger public group or arrange a private session so that you can come out at the time of your choosing and enjoy a more intimate, personalized experience that you are sure to absolutely love.

The Safest Whale Watching Experience in Cabo San Lucas

We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of the seas.

  • By understanding the importance of security and safety, we can get you as close to these amazing creatures as possible without annoying or interfering with them.
  • This allows you to get a greater understanding and education of these amazing animals, vastly improving the level of knowledge you have about these whales.
  • Our team work day and night to build the safest, most simplistic solution to help keep the whales safe and protected when you go out on the water. We care deeply for their safety, and will never put any whales in danger when we head out to sea.

For a whale watching tour that takes its responsibilities seriously and does everything to protect these majestic animals, contact us today. In time, we’ll provide the perfect opportunity to make an educational, enjoyable lesson to help change the way that you think about the wonderful whales of Cabo San Lucas!